VECO rewires police headquarters
Visayan Electric Co., Inc. (VECO) does not only focus on the supply of a reliable power but also oversees the safety among its stakeholders.

Last February 10, VECO Executive Vice-president and Chief Operating Officer Jaime Jose Aboitiz and CCPO City Director Police Senior Supt. Melvin Ramon Buenafe signed a memorandum of agreement for the upgrading of Cebu City Police Office's (CCPO) electrical system.

The project which will be completed in two (2) months will give the police officers a totally brandnew work place, with their newly renovated office and new electrical system in place. "The policemen who are at the forefront of maintaining peace and order in the city needs a healthy and safe atmosphere," Buenafe expressed.

"This is a momentous event because for decades CCPO has not been renovated and now we have seen its importance especially with the upgrading of electrical system," Buenafe said. "We thank VECO for improving our facility, which is a very big help for us," he added.

Aboitiz replied that VECO is giving back to the community it serves. He also thanked the policemen who helped with the issues on electricity theft. "We cannot do it (apprehending thieves and pilferers) without your support. The police escorts our personnel during apprehending electric thieves. We are also grateful with our partnership with Mayor Michael Rama," Aboitiz said.

"We still hope VECO can fulfill your needs in CCPO and look forward to help you in another time," Aboitiz added.

Since 2010, the power utility invests in providing safe and reliable power to the community through the rewiring of public schools. Through the company's Corporate Social Responsibility rewiring program, the electrical system of an establishment is being upgraded. Now, the power utility is getting ready to expand its rewiring project to its partners in operation, like the police force.

Illegal connections cause fire

In a separate discussion during the event, Aboitiz discouraged the community from stealing electricity. He said that if VECO reduces its systems loss, it benefits the customers because the rates will go down.

He also explained that most incidences of fire are caused by wire theft. "People who don't have proper connection, use substandard electrical wirings, illegally taps from VECO lines and those houses without circuit breakers get burned."

In a quick interview Aboitiz also explained that VECO's delay in responding to cutting off live wires during a fire is caused by narrow streets when the service vehicles have hard time passing through. (PR)

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