VECO rewires Cathedral Museum
The Visayan Electric Co., Inc. (VECO) shares its resources to preserve the Cebu Cathedral Museum as heritage repository, housing valuable old religious artifacts in Cebu, through a rewiring project.

Last November 25, VECO EVP and COO Jaime Jose Aboitiz signed a MOA with Cebu Cathedral Museum Director Rt. Rev. Msgr. Carlito V. Puno to donate a rewiring project.

The power utility is not only concern of consistent distribution of power, which plays a major role in the development of Cebu, but also sees the need to promote safety in the community.

Through VECO's energy audit, old substandard electrical wires in the museum will be replaced with new ones. The replacement of wires prevents incidence of fire, especially that the museum's building administrator preserved the century-old log foundations.

Msgr. Puno said that the museum's construction is irretraceable. The building was completed between 1730-1760 and has never undergone an engergy audit or electrical inspection. "This is the first time it has undergone electrical rewiring. For years, the museum has been considered fire-hazard, where most of its religious artifacts were placed in the Archbishop's Palace temporarily," he said.

The rewiring project will be completed in the next three months. Puno expects the museum to be safe from fire with new electrical system in place. (PR)


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