Summer fun for VECO employees and family (Part Two)

    To create more awareness about Mother Earth, VECO Kaibigans and their dependents had an interesting weekend at VECO's Reforestation park in Barangay Tabunan, Cebu City. Dubbed as “EcoTour”, the second outing of the annual ecological tour visited the Mananga Watershed Reforestation Site last May 21.

    In coordination with the Philippine Business for Social Progress, the eco tour participants were oriented on the different species of Cebu’s native and endemic trees, how to plant and take care of them. The Ecotour is one activity that employees and their families look forward every summer to be one with nature.

    The visitors were given a chance to plant trees on a hilly side of the park. They were also taught how to do ring weeding and apply Vermi Compost  around the planted tree sapplings.

    According to PBSP Project Officer Maria Luisa Largo, VECO's trees planted last September 2010 had a significant survival rate of 90%, much higher than their usual survival forecast. VECO’s reforestation park is being maintained by people’s organizations (of Barangay Pung-ol Sibugay). In the remote mountain areas of Cebu, where the means of livelihood is difficult, VECO’s reforestation project provided them the opportunity to earn far more than their expected income from charcoal making and chipping off trees to sell firewood, destroying Cebu's forests.

    In the afternoon, the EcoTour brought the group to Buhisan Dam, Cebu’s oldest surface water dam maintained by the Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD). Inside the facility, MCWD representatives gave a briefing on the water treatment process. In a nutshell, surface water (from rainfall) collected in the dam undergoes filtering and treatment before it reaches the pipes in our homes. The participants were also reminded the importance of water conservation, since Cebu’s fresh water is  already depleted in this era of climate change.

    The CEMEX (a cement plant) Ecological Vegetable Garden at the City of Naga, Cebu was the next stop. CEMEX rehabilitated and converted an arid lot in front of their industrial plant into a green pasture with productive vegetable garden.

    The vegetables are grown through natural farming using organic fertilizers. The garden includes a variety of vegetables we often use in preparing the sumptuous meal on our dinner table. Some of the vegetables grown are tomatoes, okra, bitter melon, sponge gourd, string beans, ginger, onion and chili pepper. The vegetable garden is one of CEMEX’s sustainability projects which shows their care for the environment.

    VECO’s summer activities overwhelmed employees and their dependents. The family-oriented company is committed to always providing new, fresh and exciting summer getaways for free to its employees and dependents.

 VECO kaibigans with their families visit the seedling nursery of PBSP for VECO's reforestation park at Sitio Sayaw, Barangay Tabunan.


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