On Refrigeration

  1. Defrost your refrigerator regularly. Frost acts as an insulating blanket which causes the motor to work
    overtime, resulting in more electric energy used.
  2. Check your refrigerator door gaskets for leaks. A worn-out gasket can cause the motor to work longer
    to maintain desired temperature.
  3. Place your refrigerator in the coolest side of the room. The best is usually on the northern part, away
    from the morning and afternoon sun.
  4. Cool foods to room temperature before storing in refrigerator.
  5. Don't overcrowd the refrigerator. This interferes with the circulation of air and overworks the
    compressor to maintain cold temperature.
  6. Remove store wrappings from foods before putting them in the refrigerator; paper acts as insulation.
  7. Avoid unnecessary opening of refrigerator.
  8. Keep cooling fins and coils of refrigerators clean and dust-free.