What is VECO doing to improve PQ & R?

VECO has actively been taking innovative measures in the fields of customer service and operation efficiency. The company invests millions of pesos each year to ensure all customers receive the highest level of power quality possible at all times. New substations and power lines have been built as the community progresses.

Power lines have been upgraded to higher voltage levels to efficiently transmit power to minimize losses. Wooden poles have been replaced with concrete poles to guarantee safety and reliable power distribution. Trimming crews cut tree limbs away from power lines that could cause power outages. Advanced SCADA software was purchased to monitor, control and automate power lines in order to respond quickly on any outages.

The company invested in a mobile substation for ready back up in case of substation shutdown. Also equipment of latest technologies were acquired to monitor power quality and improve its distribution system reliability such as: Dranetz for power quality analysis and recording; Infrared Camera for thermal scanning and Ultra Probe for ultrasonic scanning.