What affects PQ & R?

The electricity supplied along power lines is much like the water coming out of your faucet. It is safe for normal use; however, it does contain minor impurities. Should you desire entirely pure water, in that case filtering out these impurities is left up to you. The electricity works in the same manner. Even though VECO is dedicated in providing the reliable and high quality electric service. It is not possible to provide a perfect power supply that is steady and continuous without occasional interruptions or fluctuations. Most power outages and disturbances can be attributed to factors beyond the control of a utility.

VECO system is exposed to environmental influences and normal operational conditions, which can create both power quality and reliability disturbances. Common sources of disturbances include: lightning strikes that hit the power lines, wear and tear of line insulators, vehicles bumping poles; trees and vegetation that could fall to the lines; strong winds and heavy rain that could blow the line and topple poles down; pilferage acts; power utility's equipment failure and customer's equipment failure.