But wait, there's more! It's cool that you're helping your parents save money by conserving energy. However, do you also know that by using energy efficiently, you're also helping out our planet? You may think that the actions you're doing at home are small, even worthless, compared to what big companies and powerful adults are doing everyday.

Here's what you can do: Get rid of that "I'm-just-a-kid, what-can-I-possibly-do?" attitude and start acting now! The heroes we look up to now were once kids and teenagers like you, and look at how far they've come. It's never too early to teach yourself and your friends to be more aware of what we can all do to take care of Mother Earth.

"Global Warming," "Climate Change," and "Greenhouse Gases"--you've seen, heard, and read about these words on the Internet, on the television, and in newspapers and magazines. Don't worry, we won't give you a long and boring lecture about the story behind these words. Rather, here are some simple explanations:

"Global Warming" refers to an increase in Earth's temperatures. This means that compared to hundreds and thousands of years ago, Earth has changed to become hotter and hotter. This rise in temperatures, in turn, causes changes in our climate. A warmer planet means that weather can sometimes get weird. Some examples are already happening now, such as a change in rainfall patterns, rise in sea levels, and icebergs melting in our planet's cold regions (those poor Polar Bears!)

"Climate Change" represents a change in long-term weather patterns. Here in the Philippines, we are already experiencing the bad effects of changing weather patterns, such as extremely hot summers and very heavy rains that can lead to floods and landslides.

"Greenhouse Effect" is not a bad thing by itself. In fact, it is very important in that it makes the Earth a cozy and comfortable place to live in for human beings, as well as plants and animals. However, we should be careful not let the Greenhouse Effect get stronger. If it gets too warm in our planet, then the Greenhouse Effect becomes a problem.

If you already know what a greenhouse looks like, then lucky you! Greenhouses are those small glass houses you see in cold places like in Baguio, or high up the mountains. They are built in order to let plants grow properly. The roof and walls are made of glass to let sunlight touch the plants. Since a greenhouse is closed, heat cannot escape, so the plants are kept nice and warm.

What happens to plants inside a greenhouse is quite similar to what happens on Earth. The Sun gives off its light to humans, animals, and plants. Of course, the Earth isn't kept warm by glass walls and a glass roof, but is kept nice and cozy by what we call the "atmosphere." Sunlight enters our planet's atmosphere and passes through a blanket (or, roof or wall) made up of things called "greenhouse gases."

Without greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, Earth will be one very cold place. Greenhouse gases give warmth to our world since they trap energy from the sun and make temperatures on Earth livable for humans, animals, and plants.

Human beings play a big part in sending greenhouse gases to the air, 'til it reaches Earth's atmosphere. Some activities that give off or "emit" greenhouse gases, sending them up, up, and away are things that you do almost everyday, like watching TV and listening to the radio, riding a car, using the air conditioner or AC, using a microwave to heat up food, and so on.

Surely, you can't drop your lifestyle now and live the rest of your life as a cave-dweller. But, remember, a little action in your part goes a long way. Time and time again, you've been told to conserve electricity. Here's why: to carry on with your daily TV-viewing activities and more, you need electricity! Electricity comes from big power plants that usually make use burned coal and oil―which, in turn, produces greenhouse gases. Gases emitted by power plants aren't the only ones in the atmosphere now. There are many other greenhouse gases that travel to the atmosphere. However, too much greenhouse gases in our atmosphere can make temperatures on Earth too warm. A warmer planet leads to Global Warming and Climate Change. Definitely not good, right?

You're never too young to start thinking about your future. Someday, you'll be all grown up, and you'll be taking care of yourself. You may even start a family of your own and raise smart kids―just like you now! Whenever you're doing something good, always remember that you're not only doing it for yourself, but for others as well. We need to help each other out. Most of all, we need to help each other help Mother Earth.