September 2018
Customer ClassConsumptionDemandLoad(Sept. 15,2018 to
  (kWh)(kW)FactorOct. 14,2018)
Schedule I -FZStreetlights12,521 34,300 9.3358
Schedule II -RResidential200  11.0867
Schedule III-PGeneral Service572  11.4022
Schedule IV -PGeneral Power5,353  9.8452
Schedule V -PBulk Power36,50410050%9.0811
Schedule VI -PWholesale Power273,78075050%8.3139
Schedule VII-PSpecial Wholesale892,8002,00060%7.8652
1.) Average rate was derived using the 0.75% Local Franchise Tax (LFT) of Cebu City.
2.) For the billing period, September 15, 2018 to October 14, 2018, NPC-PSALM Adjustment of Php0.2923 per kWh or Php0.1052 per watt for Schedule I and its corresponding VAT of 2.3449% will be implemented.
3.) New Feed in Tariff Allowance -FIT-All rate starting the billing period June15, 2018 is Php0.2563 per kWh or Php0.0923 per Kwh for Schedule I.
4.) Using the typical consumption of each customer class, except for scheduled V, VI & VII.
5.) Schedules V & VI are simulated using a load factor of 50% and 60% for Schedule VII. Rates will vary depending on their load factor.
6.) Demand of Schedule I-FZ is in Watts.