eBillTxt Terms and Conditions:

1.) By enrolling the stated Account/s under Visayan Elecrtric’s (DU) Electronic Bill (eBill) service, I shall no longer receive a printed copy of my electric bill(s).

Instead, my electric bill(s) shall be sent by the DU to me via SMS through my Primary Mobile Phone Number via SMS, which I registered under the eBill

Service Form, and where I can check my bill through a URL link provided in the SMS that will lead to a pdf copy of the bill.

2.) The Secondary Mobile Number I registered under the eBill Service Form shall be used as a replacement only when the Primary Mobile Number is no longer available as identified by the DU’s eBill system (as rejected) or upon my request.

3.) I am presumed to have received the eBill(s) if I do not inform the DU of the non-receipt thereof within five (5) days from the scheduled delivery of such eBill(s).

If it is proven that the customer was not able to receive the electronic bill through any of the customer-designated electronic options, such as, but not limited to, email addresses and online portal access, the DU shall resend the same electronically, as confirmed in the eBill system.

4.) I acknowledge that my failure to pay the amount due as stated in the electronic bill can lead to the disconnection of my electricity services. By availing of the eBill service, I fully understand and acknowledge that the DU shall send the disconnection notice of my electricity services through the pdf URL link/email, and it is for this purpose that I waive my right to receive any paper notices for disconnection and agree that any such paper notices may only be sent to me if I request the DU. In the event that the electronic bill pdf contains a Disconnection Notice, my electricity service may be disconnected after 48 hours from the lapse of the period as specified in item 3, if unpaid.

5.) It is my responsibility to regularly and religiously check monthly my mobile phone inbox message(s) and access the attached URL Link of the pdf bill(s) to be informed of my latest electric bill(s) sent by the DU’s eBill system. I hereby understand that my electric bill(s) is/are deemed sent at the time when my electric bill(s) is/are electronically recorded as “Delivered” in the DU’s eBill system.

6.) For my own protection, the attached URL Link of the pdf bill(s) sent by the Distribution Utility through SMS is/are password-protected. In viewing, downloading and printing the pdf bill(s), I must use the password which is the last four (4) digits of my registered mobile number using a pdf reader/viewer software. I shall remain responsible for the confidentiality of the password and in preventing its unauthorized use.


Primary Mobile Number Registered: 09xxxxx0123

Password Format: 0123

7.) It is my responsibility to inform the DU through a validated letter request to update my primary and/or secondary mobile phone number for the delivery of my eBill(s).

8.) I can go back to the option of receiving a paper bill(s) through a validated letter request sent to the DU indicating the cancellation/termination of my eBill through SMS.

9.) I hereby certify that the information submitted in this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

10.) I further understand that any false or misleading statements or failure of submission of requirements specified in this form may result in denial or revocation of this application.

11.) I understand and acknowledge that Visayan Electric highly values my privacy and that the submitted contact information shall be strictly for Visayan Electric use only for the purposes stated above as prescribed by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.