August 2017
Customer ClassConsumption Demand Load(Aug 15, 2017 to
  (kWh) (kW)FactorSep 14, 2017)
Schedule I -FZ Streetlights12,52134,300
Schedule II -R Residential200  10.5125
Schedule III-PGeneral Service572   10.7523
Schedule IV -P General Power5,353   9.2102
Schedule V -P Bulk Power36,50410050% 8.0239
Schedule VI -PWholesale Power273,780750
50% 7.5565
Schedule VII-PSpecial Wholesale730,0802,000
1.) Average rate was derived using the 0.75% Local Franchise Tax (LFT) of Cebu City.
Customers outside Cebu City will be charged with 0.50% LFT.
2.) Using the typical consumption of each customer class, except for scheduled V, VI & VII 
3.) Schedules V, VI & VII are simulated using a load factor of 50%. Rates will vary depending on their load factor.
4.) Demand of Schedule I-FZ is in Watts