There are two types of electric service applications:

Temporary Application

This is applicable for building and structure constructions. It is also for short time events like All Soul's Day, concerts, rallies and the like and other temporary construction and repair works.

Permanent Application

This is for electric service requirements with no definite time of service duration. The structure or building in need of electricity is permanent.

Steps in Applying for an Electric Service Connection (Temporary or Permanent)

Secure an Electrical Permit from the Office of the Building Official (OBO) in your area. Submit this to Customer Retail Services Department (CRSD) at the VECO Full Service Center, 3rd Level, SM City Cebu, VECO Talisay Full Service Center, South Road, N. Bacalso Ave., Bulacao Talisay City or at One Pavilion Mall in Banawa.

*For above 8,000 watts, submit a Signed and Sealed Electrical Plan at our   Line Services Department.

Construct your Service Entrance Facility. You will need a Licensed Electrical Engineer, Registered Master Electrician and or VECO accredited electrician for this. We will inspect your service entrance if it conforms with VECO's metering standard.

If your service entrance is approved, submit other pertinent documents as required for your application to be completed. Is the account ought to be registered under the name of:

Applicant Company Developer
Cooperative Private School Public School
Church or other religious structure Non-government agency National Governement Agency
Local Government Agency Barangay PNP/ AFP office or facility
Consulate Public Market

Pay bill deposit equivalent to your one month estimated bill amount. The computation will be based on the load listing as found during inspection.

Sign the Metered Service Contract. Your meter will be installed within 48 hours from signing.

Q & A
You may apply for an Electrical Permit at the following offices depending on the location of the premises sought to be energized:
Cebu City - City Engineer's Office254-9872
Mandaue City - City Engineer's Office344-0608
Talisay City - City Engineer's Office273-7768
Consolacion - Municipal Engineer's Office 344-1239, 344-1236/ 37 local 110
Lilo-an - Municipal Engineer's Office564-3784
Minglanilla - Municipal Engineer's Office273-7453
Naga - City Engineer's Office 272-6651 or 272-6655
San Fernando - Municipal Engineer's Office 488-9694


List of Accredited Electrical Associations: 


     C.E.S.A.I. (Cebu Electrical Services Association Inc.) 412-1076 

     MINASAFEREL 316-8487

     M.I.G.I 417-3963

     L.E.G.A.I. (Liloan Electrical Group Associaltion Inc. 424-6754

     ACES-7 273-3573 


What is a notarized undertaking?

It is an affidavit signed by both, the premises owner and the applicant stipulating that the owner of the premises agrees to be jointly and severally liable with the applicant for any unpaid regular monthly bills incurred by the applicant after leaving the premises, in the absence of or insufficiency of the bill deposit.

This is in compliance with the provisions on the rules implemented by the ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission), which is the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers.


List of documents to show authority of signatory: 

     Special Power of Attorney

     Board Resolution/Secretary Certificate

     Certificate of Appointment


List of valid I.D.s

Driver's License
Company I.D
PRC License
Voter's ID/Certification
* Philhealth I.D.s are not valid for identification purposes

If you don't have any of the valid I.D.s enumerated above, you may submit any of the secondary I.D.s paired with any other proofs of identity: 


Secondary I.D.sOther Proofs of Identity
Postal I.D.NBI Clearance
Student's I.DPolice Clearance
Senior Citizen's I.DBarangay Clearance
 Marriage Contract
 Birth Certifcate (single applicant)







List of additional documents needed (to be assessed during endorsement):

    Customer Information Sheet

    Certificate of your hired electrician

    Traverse Certificate (if necessary) 

     Proof of Ownership (any of the following):

          - Land Title & Tax Declaration (bldg)/Notarized Affidavit of House Ownership

          - Tax Declaration (land and bldg)

          - Notarized Deed of Sale (house & lot)

          - Notarized Contract to Sell (with certificate from the developer)

          - Letter of Consent & Photocopy of Valid IDs of Co-owners (for multiple owners)