Separation of Meter
This is applicable for places of dwelling with facilities apart from its main structure.

Meter Transfer
This is for the transferring of meter installations to a more accessible area/ location.

This is for an account that has been "DELETED" after it has been disconnected for one (1) month due to non-payment of bills.

Change of Name
This is for the change of the registered account name and number but the meter installation remains the same.

Additional Load
This is for an account that needs more facilities to cope with the increase in connected loads.

Change of Rate Schedule
This is for the accounts that were classified to a certain rate schedule, which is no longer consistent with the actual end-purpose of the electric service acquired.

Rubber Hose Cover
This is applicable for building and structure constructions, which are located near a high voltage primary wire. The said rubber hose cover will be placed on the high voltage primary wire so as to protect it from falling debris and to protect the construction workers as well.

Transformer Testing
This is done to ensure the equipment passes VECO’s and industry safety and efficiency standards before installation in the distribution system. VECO makes certain the high efficiency level of the transformer thereby minimizing losses for both it’s side and the customer.
Existing customers may request for testing if they experience voltage abnormalities. They may call or ask assistance from VECO’s call center at 230-VECO (8326) or they may e-mail to: info@veco.com.ph.

Thermal Scanning
VECO engineers visit requesting customers on site and conduct a non-contact inspection, using the Flir ThermaCAM P65 (an infrared camera) to quickly find heat leaks through large areas of walls, roofs, and equipment insulation. Thermal Scanning is a procedure that measures thermal energy emitted from an object.
The infrared camera is an extremely cost-effective, valuable diagnostic tool in may diverse applications.
Thermal scanning can be applied on electric motors and pumps, bus bars and fuse boxes and rotating machineries.

Tree Trimming
The Line clearing section of VECO is tasked to ensure that all primary and secondary lines are free from vegetation and obstructions. All trees in the city are strictly trimmed aesthetically without harming its growth so as to preserve nature and environment. For vegetation control, call 230-VECO (8326).

Street Light
VECO will now install, maintain, remove and replace Cebu City street lighting fixtures, while the local government units shall provide the materials needed. To report for a streetlight outage, click here for the procedure.

Pole Relocation
This is the physical transfer of pole to another location. To request for a pole relocation, click here for the requirements.