What to do first when power is out
If your power is out check the neighborhood. If they are out of power too, the trouble is probably due to a power outage.
If yours is the only house without power, check for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker.

In case of emergency or unscheduled service interruptions, please call 230-VECO (8326), pm us in FB or mention us in twitter.

Our lines may be busy when you call. Please be patient and keep trying. Hundreds of customers may be calling.
Please have any of the following information ready as reference: Account Name, Account Number or Pole Number. The Account Name and Account Number are found on the upper left corner of your bill. On the other hand, the Pole Number is found on the left side of your bill under Metering Information.
Turn off or disconnect appliances that will go on automatically when power is restored - such as air conditioners, fans, washing machines, dishwashers or TV sets. When service is restored, there will be less chances of a circuit overload that could knock out power again.
If you see fallen electrical wires, assume they are dangerous and stay away.


Make sure you place the following items in a box that is easy to find especially when power is out.
A flashlight with extra batteries
A battery-powered radio and fresh batteries
Canned goods that require no cooking
A manual can opener
First aid supplies
Extra fuses
A battery-powered or wind-up clock
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