Accidents, adverse weather conditions, and sometimes human carelessness often cause power interruptions or brownouts.
Common Causes of Power Interruption:
Vehicles hitting an electric pole cut electric wires and cause prolonged brownout until the fallen pole is replaced and the broken wires are reconnected.
Trees falling on wires, outdoor machines and construction equipment hitting and cutting off electric wires disrupt electric service.
 Warning: Be careful when working near high voltage lines; contact with these wires could result not only in power interruption but also swift accidental death.
Do not touch dangling fallen wires whose other ends are still connected to the main line. Report these immediately to our Emergency Service at 230-(VECO) 8326.
When cutting trees make sure they do not fall on electric poles or wires. Cut or trim the branches before they touch live wires. Better still, do not plant trees underneath or near electric wires.
Lightning strikes can damage electric facilities and cause widespread power interruptions. Heavy rains may also cause "grounded" electrical installations resulting in loss of power supply.
Trees blown by strong winds against electric wires may cause the wires to break, or cause the parallel wires to get in contact with one another and result in an electrical fault commonly called "short circuit."
Calamities such as earthquakes, floods, and fires cause damage to electric installations resulting in extensive power interruption. In some instances, it is necessary to cut power supply in seriously affected areas to prevent danger to the public.
  In all of these cases where power interruption is caused by accidents and adverse weather and environmental conditions, the interruption is sudden and cannot be anticipated. This problem makes it impossible for VECO to give prior advise to the public.
Scheduled Line Maintenance and Repairs
  From time to time VECO repairs and does maintenance work in certain parts of its power distribution network. This is done to replace old equipment, upgrade facilities to accommodate increasing consumer demand, or remove and relocate facilities that obstruct government or private properties and constructions.
 Power Interruptions as a result of this work are announced in advance through radios and printed on newspapers so the public can plan for them.

Service Interruption